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Olive Consultants have been providing IELTS coaching since 2002. We have helped atleast over 9000 students to successfully take their IELTS test and score their required scores.

We provide IELTS classroom coaching in several locations around Chennai and Coimbatore.

We provide IELTS Online face to face coaching through skype to students across the world.

Off late many of our students score over 8.0 in each module, to meet their requirements to apply for their higher studies and for their Immigration visa process.

Our IELTS teaching faculties are highly qualified in English and also are well experienced to take IELTS classes. Some of them have attended the Train the Trainer prwpram offered by the British Council, India

We also provide GRE / TOEFL / Pearson PTE / English communication classes.

Our group represents over 1600 Universities in over 19 different countries, to provide counsel, admission assistance and student visa guidance.

Our group also provides Immigration visa assistance to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We help nurses to prepare and do well in their IELTS test and place them in UK and Ireland.


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